Why Us?

“It is fairy dust and wanderlust that guide our hands to create what our hearts desire.”
― Gayle Wray


Our happy little farm in Woodsboro, MD  includes a dog, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, our children and grandchildren.

A few years ago I began experimenting with making my own soap because I wanted to give my family the benefits of clean, simple ingredients. My experiment turned into a labor of love and now I'm obsessed with every thing soap, scrubs & scoops! I know you'll love them too because I put my whole heart and soul into each batch! 

When soap is produced in a large factory, who knows what's in it?? Not to mention their soap comes in the same size, shape, scent and color every single time. BOOORING!


Buying from a small company like mine means you get more than just a functional product, it means you get something unique and special. 


Our customers also enjoy personalized hometown service, so if you have a custom request in mind, just ask!  We're happy to accommodate! While we keep our products affordable with packaging that is simple and attractive, we are always happy to customize packaging for an additional fee. This is most often requested for weddings, bridal showers or party favors and even promotional gifts.

We'd love to hear from you so feel free to contact us today with questions, orders or just to talk soap. 

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